Cake for Spaghetti Fundraiser at church this past Sunday!

Cake for Spaghetti Fundraiser at church this past Sunday!


Prayer for peace…

Lord, please put Your peace in my heart. 
I'm worried and anxious. 
My mind races and obsesses. 
I can't help thinking about my problems. 
And the more I think about them, 
the more depressed I become. 
I feel like I'm sinking down in quicksand 
and can't get out. 
Calm me, Lord. 
Slow me down, put Your peace in my heart.
No matter what problem I have, Lord, 
You are bigger, 
You are more powerful than it is. 
So I bring my problem to You. 
I know what I want. 
I know my will. 
I do not know Yours. 
I do not know how You will use this problem for my salvation. 
I do not know what good You will workout from this situation. 
But I trust You. 
I trust Your goodness and Your wisdom. 
So I place myself in Your hands. 
Please fill my heart with peace. 


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With a word or two changed



Some days I wonder if it was worth it. Why did I even try? It was the right thing to do, but it ended in hurt…again. I trusted, just a little. Asked for time to let it grow again. Thank GOD for my husband, children, mom, & friends to make the hurt go away. I know that’s why He gave them to me & made them a part of my life. I refuse to hurt anymore. It’s not just my children I need to protect, it’s myself. My heart. My sanity. So that they can have not just a good mom, but a GREAT mom! THAT’s what my focus is. God & my home.


Salsa “cheating”

When you get a load of fresh veggies that you’re trying to do something with & don’t have time to can or freeze them all, but your kids want tacos for supper (and you’re out of ground beef), here’s a neat, quick, way to use quite a few!

Two tomatoes, diced

1 small zucchini VERY finely diced (2/3 of my kids are picky, so I hide it whenever I can)

1 small onion diced

1 bell pepper diced

Throw it all together in a small saucepan with some taco seasoning & warm just enough to mix flavors. (I’d have added cilantro, but it walked away from my spice rack somehow)

We tossed it on some wheat tortilla shells, with sour cream (with ranch flavoring in it), shredded cheese, & bacon! YUMMY!

I’ll have to post the picture later, as silly me decided to clear some video off my IPhone & the pics of course, went too, & I forgot to upload to Shutterfly first!



If e-cigs are SO much better & non-toxic….why do some NON-users get a headache from it? I understand it’s better for the person using it than actual cigarettes, but it’s still something that needs to be an OUTdoor activity if you’re in a public place, especially a work environment with already poor ventilation. If I have to stick to unscented lotions & be careful with perfumes, then anything else of that nature…same thing, right?




And the lawn mower won’t start…again. And we get to buy two more tires for Doug’s car on Friday. And mine won’t last much longer. So excuse our tall grass! At least I got to weedeat around the house today…before the string ran out.


I’m not an owl. I’m not your personal Wikipedia. I have a life in this world outside of being there for you. I can’t change others opinion of you & getting angry that I know that & refuse to try doesn’t help me want to help you.

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